INCA 2016 was the first ever platform specifically designed to experience, celebrate and recognize the providers of the night life entertainment in India. It was an event by the industry, of the industry and for the industry.

The Convention worked as a networking force by bringing together several bar and nightclub owners under one roof! The Convention was followed by an awards ceremony that served as a platform to recognize the best in the business.
The convention encompassed several forums & seminars that were conducted in the presence of various national & international speakers.

The convention was hosted and attended by some of the most influential entrepreneurs that belong to the nightlife industry.


Event features:

  • Aaditya Thackeray launched his Mumbai 24 x 7 campaign on this platform.
  • Riyaaz Amlani addressed the audience about the various challenges & opportunities of the nightlife industry in India.
  • Imran Khan spoke about why he challenged the Maharastra government to change the legal drinking age.
  • There were individual sessions by four international speakers:
    1. Alan Miller (Night Time Industry Association, UK)
    2. Lutz Leichsenring (Club Commission, Berlin)
    3. Bradley Drummond (Solutions Manager, Nightlife Harman Professional Solutions)
    4. Ewan Gunn (Global Whisky Master)
  • Several panel discussions with the best in the nightlife business made up the whole flow of the convention and each session was product specific.
  • There was an interesting cocktail culture and speak easies session in the convention.
  • There was a presence of 250+ captivated audience on both the days through out.
  • Ewan Gunn (Global Whisky Master) conducted the Whisky Tasting Session by Diageo.
  • 200 regional winners awarded, and the best 28 from the entire nation were the national winners.







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